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CMD:Studio seeks 3D Generalist for Horror Stories: Welcome Home

by Mark Drew on 03 Nov 2020

Desperately Seeking Dastardly 3D Generalists

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Teaser for "Horror Stories: Welcome Home" Released!

by Mark Drew on 31 Oct 2020

Check out the teaser trailer

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CMD:Studio seeks Concept Artist for Horror Stories

by Mark Drew on 13 Dec 2019

Desperately Seeking Dastardly Artists

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Meet the Team Part 3 : Simon Eden - Creative Director

by Simon Eden on 13 Dec 2019

Time for our final team introduction!

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Meet the Team Part 2 : Mark Drew - Director / Game Designer

by Mark Drew on 06 Dec 2019

Time for another team introduction, meet our Director / Game Designer!

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Meet the Team Part 1 : Bridie Rose - Comms Manager

by Bridie Rose on 01 Nov 2019

Let's introduce you to our little team, starting with our Comms Manager!

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