Meet the Team Part 1 : Bridie Rose - Comms Manager
by Bridie Rose on 01 Nov 2019

Because we’re British, introducing ourselves basically feels the same now as it did in school. Standing up in front of everyone and randomly telling your favourite hobby to a bunch of strangers. But, seeing as we all actually can’t see you this time round, this should be a lot easier… hopefully.

Kicking things off is our Comms Manager… aka me because it was my idea to start this so obviously I have to be the first one to jump in the deep end.

Let’s keep this simple shall we?


Comms Manager is my title and one I’m proud to hold at the studio. Basically if you see content or copy it came from yours truly…or if you’ve ever received a GIF reply, that was also me! Generally I’m running around in the background designing / making content, creating copy, scheduling or video editing, not necessarily in that order but you get the gist! And, in those calmer moments once all that is done, I like to run a tight ship making sure you all get the attention and answers you need!


Given the fast pace of my work life, winding down is tricky but not impossible! If any of you follow my personal twitter you’ll know that if i’m not enjoying a game surprisingly I’m watching anime. It’s those precious few hours I get at the end of a long day, so naturally I like to spend it wisely by not moving…and most likely crying over another heartbreaking anime character death or watching and crying over Yuri on ice for the 100th time.


Despite the fact that I do watch a lot of anime, shockingly I do occasionally play games. Lately this year I find myself drawn to Days Gone. Somehow it’s strangely calming in those moments when you’re not being chased by a hoard or crashing down from a cliff on a bike… it didn’t look like that big of a drop from up there and seemed like a good idea at the time, ok…


Random I can’t do… but weird, yes. Do you ever pluck one of your eyebrows and it makes you instantly sneeze?…just me, ok… this went well…

See you all hopefully again soon when we introduce another team member.

If you’ve read this far, I think we can count that as a win.