Meet the Team Part 3 : Simon Eden - Creative Director
by Simon Eden on 13 Dec 2019

Part 3 and our final instalment of our meet the team blog series is here and hopefully you’re all still here too!

Take it away Si!


Hi, I’m the Creative Director here at CMD:Studio!

For me it’s the perfect job as it combines a ton of creative thinking with my secret passion for spreadsheets. Plus, I get to work closely with the amazing designers, writers and artists who make up our dev team.

Even though I’m the Creative Director, I actually studied 3D art at Uni! So I spend much of my time working on environment art and lighting. If I was only allowed to work on one aspect of game dev for the rest of my life I think I’d be quite happy messing around in the UE4 material editor!

I also spent a decade working as a musician, so every now and then I grab my keyboard and compose some background music. That’s the best thing about working in a small team - you get to wear a lot of different hats!


I’m slightly obsessed with cooking and mixology, so if I’m not gaming I’m usually in the kitchen! One of the things I love most about working from home is that it means I can cook a proper dinner from scratch every day (often accompanied by a cocktail).

I’m currently on a typical millennial quest for authenticity in my asian recipes, and have been trying to master Japanese food that actually tastes like the real thing!


Seeing as I’ve just downloaded Civilisation 6 and all its DLC I’m pretty sure I’ll be having some late nights over Christmas holidays chasing the dream of a utopian democracy.

Beyond that I’m admittedly total Nintendo fanboy especially hooked on the Zelda or Metroid series, jumping into the vast and beautifully crafted world’s Nintendo create!


This one is actually the bane of my life… Much like Moss on the IT Crowd, I often get one hot ear. Like really hot. And while it can be either ear, it’s only ever one at a time.

My partner actually made me a pair of headphones with cooling gel pads stuck on that look totally cool and not at all ridiculous… But anything to escape the dreaded lava ear!

That’s all from me! Hopefully see you all again soon!