Meet the Team Part 2 : Mark Drew - Director / Game Designer
by Mark Drew on 06 Dec 2019

Thanks for going first Bridie! Introducing myself should be a doddle now… right? RIGHT??

Welcome dear reader, to my introduction. In which we inform you of all the shenanigans I get up to in the studio… please, amble this way.


As “The Director” I started this little studio with the intention of making delicious nuggets of narrative goodness for people to chew on. I try to assist the rest of the team in building and developing their ideas, as well as their skills to create entertaining and interactive experiences.

As for my part, I do coding and some of the level design where needed. Especially if corridors are involved…

All in all it’s a great role!


There’s a lot to do in game development and in life, unfortunately a lot of it’s spent in front of screens.

One go-to antidote for me is hanging out with my dogs. They have a way of calming the brain and soothing the soul… and fouling the garden, but it’s a small sacrifice for the good aspects.

I have three dogs which keep me busy and active and planning adventures. Unless they are sleeping.

Aside from this, winding down is not something I need much egging on to do, so I try to keep busy. There’s games to be made and much knowledge to be gained out there!


After all that walking and ball chasing what better to relax with a good ole game eh?

I don’t have that much free time generally, but for about a year now my friends and I have gathered online to play Ghost Recon Wildlands. Using it as a way to catch up rather than focusing on the game itself, although it was quite entertaining as two of us are from Bolivia so we did enjoy the game’s questionable accents.

More recently however I have decided to become a post-apocalyptic postman in Death Stranding.

It’s the beautiful vistas accompanied by calming music that allows one to meditate as well as take in and appreciate the skill that has gone into the vast environments / core loop of the game.


As you might have surmised from my go-to game section (c’mon! It was the last sentence!!! Pay attention!) I actually grew up in Bolivia, and Spain…and Germany… and England. I have also lived in Spain (again…) and New York (not the old one, but that one is really nice too!)

My accent is a mess basically!

Thank you for making it this far! See you all again soon!